An Overview of the Portrait Photography Process

Many people find themselves wondering what to expect when working with a portrait photographer. We created this easy guide to help clients understand our approach to the craft.



Before booking, we prefer to consult with potential clients to learn more about their needs and vision. This step helps us determine if we are a good fit for each other. It’s a great time to tell us about the style and aesthetic that inspires you. To help us learn more about you, we will ask how you plan to use your photos and how you want to be perceived in them. If the vibe seems right, we will send you an agreement and invoice for deposit.

Bookings are only complete after the agreement has been signed and the deposit has been paid.


Time & Location


During the Pre-Shoot Consultation, we will determine location needs and shoot time. Will the shoot take place on location or in the studio? Is the concept abstract or concrete? Shoot times vary depending on the requirements of the shoot. Often, the more abstract a shoot is, the more time it will require to complete.

(Need to add in something about how much time we take to shoot usually)




The colors you wear will become an important part of the final image (unless you prefer monochromatic images). Additionally, knowing what you plan to wear will help us come up with background suggestions based on color theory.


Address Concerns


We want to know about any concerns you may have. For example, maybe you get nervous in front cameras, or you’re going in for an eye procedure that will cause some redness. Maybe you prefer a certain angle of your face or body. Let us know! We want you to feel confident.




We want you to get the most out of your shoot! It is important to arrive a few minutes before your session begins. This helps us hit the ground running when your shoot time begins.


What To Expect From Us


You can expect us to be professional, upbeat, and excited to take your photographs. We prefer to maintain an easy-going atmosphere at our shoots. We strive to make the experience as organic as possible. In general, we will position you in front of the camera, adjust lighting, capture exposures and repeat the process a few times. This helps us capture nuances that may seem subtle at the time, but often become more pronounced when reviewing proofs.


What We Expect From You


We expect you to be prepared and ready to shoot promptly at the start of your scheduled time. It is important to arrive a few minutes before your shoot begins to ensure you have enough time to make any final touch ups or adjustments. We expect hair, clothing, makeup, etc. to be complete before your shoot time begins. Above all, please bring a positive attitude!



After the shoot is complete, you can expect to receive a link to an online proof gallery within 3-5 business days. From the proof gallery, clients select the images from the shoot they would like to purchase, download, and archive through a process called Proofing.


Learn More: What is an Image Proof?


Some promotions and shoot packages may include a set number of image downloads. For example, if your headshot package includes three final images, you would select three proofs for retouching. What if you decide you would like additional images from your proof gallery? No problem! Images can be purchased à la carte.