What is an Image Proof?

Image proofs are low-resolution copies of the photographs captured during a shoot. Clients review image proofs before selecting the photos that will be retouched and delivered for download. Image proofs are displayed in a grid format which makes it easy to compare nuances such as expression and pose.

How Does the Proofing Process Work?


Before the rise of digital technology, the proofing process was more time consuming and tedious. Back in the days of film photography, the process involved low-resolution prints made on paper called a contact sheet. In some cases, proofing was done by looking closely at film strips under a magnifying glass. Luckily, we have come a long way since then!


Today, the proofing process is much more streamlined. Rather than having to keep track of a paper contact sheet, clients can review image proofs anywhere they have access to the internet. Selecting images for retouching is easy—just click on the heart button! Have questions about a specific image? No problem! Leaving a comment is easy!


What’s Next?


After image proofs have been selected, the high-quality original photos are retouched and made available for download.